Our DPF Cleaning Process

Depending on the level of blockage in your DPF, we offer two levels of DPF cleaning:

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Two Levels Of DPF Cleaning


Option 1DPF Thorough Clean

This solution is effective in 90% of cases, and takes between 1-2hours, using the latest equipment from Forte - a leading partner in DPF equipment for expert cleaning of DPF filters.

Cost: £150 + VAT
Time: 1-2hrs

DPF Thorough Clean: Steps

  1. Repeated injection of 'Forte Power Clean DPF Cleaner' every 5 seconds
  2. Engine is run at 2000/2500rpm for 5 mins
  3. Add 'Forte Power Clean DPF Flush'
  4. Again, the engine is run at 2000/2500rpm for 5 mins
  5. Results are tested


Option 2DPF Critical Repair

If your filter has become completely blocked, the Critical Repair option is appropriate, involving removing and replacing your DPF.

Cost: £250 + VAT
Time: 24-36hrs

DPF Critical Repair: Steps

  1. Remove DPF filter from your vehicle
  2. Soak DPF in a non-corrosive chemical solution for 12 hours to free up the clogging material
  3. Extensive DPF flushing with a Carbon Clean DPF Flushing machine - can take up to 5 hours
  4. Initial testing of the DPF
  5. Refitting your DPF
  6. Final tests after DPF is refitted

Guaranteed Results

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